Survey finds growing awareness of Washington research

Seattle, Wash.—Awareness for the Washington State Wine Commission’s research program is growing, according to a recent survey by the group. More than eight out of 10 people working in the state's industry who participated in the survey are aware that the commission has a targeted wine research program, up from 60% awareness two years ago.

The survey, administered this spring by the commission, also found that awareness of viticulture and enology research for Washington nearly doubled in two years. Viticulture and enology research in Washington is primarily conducted by Washington State University scientists.

The annual survey’s primary purpose is to receive input from industry on research needs and priorities. The research priority list guides the industry’s competitive-grant research program. The survey asked industry members to rank current research topics and suggest new ones. Phenolic management, microbial spoilage and nutrient management on fermentation were ranked high in the survey for enology research topics. On the viticulture side, vine nutrition and health, mechanization, virus and disease management and foliar disease management ranked high.

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