Industry Databases
• Wineries
Search the wine industry’s leading database with the Wines & Vines Online Marketing System (OMS). OMS is online subscription designed for professionals to self-serve information search and reporting anytime. Improve marketing effectiveness, manage customers and sales territories, and identify and contact new customers.
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• Distributors
The Distributor Market Service (DMS) from Wines & Vines has unique capabilities. With a user-friendly web-based interface, you can identify distributors in a market area and view the wineries they represent. DMS clients may also select wineries to view the distributors which represent them.
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• Brewers
Research, contact and sell to U.S. beer producers with the Brewer Online Marketing System (BOMS). With the Brewer OMS, you can search our industry-leading database using multiple selection criteria to get targeted results.
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• Distilleries
Built by Wines & Vines with decades of experience in data collection and online search services for wineries, growers and brewers, the Distillery Database is the first of its kind. Search, sort and pull reports never before available for spirits distilleries.
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• Growers
Wines & Vines Grower Online Marketing System (GOMS) is a great partner with the Winery OMS for complete industry information. GOMS can be purchased as a stand-alone service, or added to a Winery OMS subscription each year.
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• Vendors
The Buyer’s Guide Online is designed for buyers to pinpoint exact vendors and services they need. Vendor listings are precisely categorized in our database. Results are driven by intelligent search technology.
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